I started climbing when I was 12 years old, thanks to my dad. At the beginning climbing didn't particularly hit me, but then, with time and after so many climbs in the mountains always roped with my father Fabio, my passion for this discipline exploded. In 2006 I joined the group of Ragni di Lecco and thanks to that I had the opportunity to grow both as a mountaineer and as a person. In 2008 I graduated in Management Engineering and continued my studies with a PhD until 2012, but without ever getting away from my true passion: mountaineering.

My favorite terrains are the biggest and most remotes walls in the planet, where the challenge is even to get there and not only to be able to climb up, possibly in free climbing, with little material and on high difficulties. I’m truly in love with Patagonia, where I’ve been so many times, but some other favorite destinations for me are Greenland, Pakistan, India and Baffin Island. I like to practice an essential, concrete, light mountaineering, which compares the man with the mountain on equal terms.