Some of my best videos available on Youtube

Leap of Faith - new route on Poncione D'Alnasca, Canton Ticino:

Infinite Jest, climbing in the Wendenstocke with Fabio Palma, years 2008-2012:

If, ground up opening and free climbing ascent of a new route on Sasso Cavallo

Feelin' Freerider, free climbing ascent of the famous big wall "El Capitan"

Torre Egger - Patagonia, the full movie

Greenspit, free ascent of the mythical roof crack in Orco Valley

Hielo y fuego, adventures, renounces and successes of a Patagonian season (year 2014)

A denti stretti, free ascent in traditional style of a single pitch 8b+ in Ossola (Italy)

Extract of the movie "Infinite Jest" about opening three new route in Wenden (Switzerland)

Baffin Island, the trailer of the movie "coconut connection"

Greenland 2014, the trailer of the movie "The great shark hunt"

Rocky Marciano, free ascent of an 8a crack in Orco Valley