During every conference I speak about my life, my style of going to the mountains and my expeditions, without filters and at 360 degrees. I like communicating and sharing experiences with others; I think that anyone who goes to the mountains has the chance and the luck to experience unique emotions and learn something that can be a treasure in everyday life.

The purpose of my presentations is just to try to convey my emotions, through images and videos of the most recent adventures and expeditions all over the world. Allowing the public to recognize themselves in the small things of mountaineering and climbing which are common to all of us and to dream instead of the boundless environments of the great mountain ranges around the world.

The contents that I propose are images and videos of my most recent expeditions which space from Patagonia, to Greenland, from the Alps to the Himalayas, telling the various aspects that make up each adventure from the most difficult ones like fatigue, fear and risk to the most beautiful such as joy, satisfaction and fun.

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